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When the Swiss Farmers Union highlights the fact that Switzerland is one of the most food importing countries per capita , this project seeks to contribute to the strengthening of local feed autonomy by focusing on two areas of the canton of Vaud, the foot of the Jura and Jorat-Broye region.

Prices pressure and a changing international context push local farmers into finding ways to optimize costs and to improve the income of their farms. In addition, the new agricultural policy, that became effective in 2014, provides for an increase in bonuses that encourage feeding cows on grass.

This project involves several institutional actors to support farmers in their development and to support the marketing of quality products.

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La croissance de l’herbe au pied du Jura Vaudois cette année 2016 :

Courbe de croissance de l'herbe au pied du Jura Vaudois 2016